How’s Your Computer Today? by GF Willmetts

An odd thing happened the morning after my W10 update of 23 May 2016 (I’m citing the date for longevity of this piece) in that it seemed to be locked in a logic loop with the circle icon whirling around endlessly and no noise from the CPU indicating it was doing further installation. I should point out that the previous evening’s installation was completed and fully booted before turning it off. I never leave that last stage to the next day, more so as it can also take some time.

A couple reboots did not change this status, so I had a thought and this might get you of a similar jam, more so if you’re about to get an update and likely to experience this.

Where all else fails with a Windows crash, we use Ctrl, Alt, Del so I did that. This time, you then get a different blue screen. The one with a door slight ajar. In the bottom left hand corner, you get several options that you can find with your mouse. Select ‘Restart’. The other screen will come back with the whirly but also with the slogan ‘Restarting’. This time it completed the restart and things look back to normal.

If nothing else, it’ll save a needless run to a computer shop or finding some other way to get your computer working. Of course, it could just have been my computer but I’m concerned enough to put this on-line as quickly as possible and save some needless hair-pulling.

GF Willmetts

24 May 2016