New Doctor Who to be revealed at Albert Hall tonight?

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We’re hearing rumours that at last night’s rehearsals for the Doctor Who-themed proms at the Albert Hall, the staff gathered there were briefed on a section of the proms where the identity of the new Doctor will either be revealed, or they will actually walk out live on stage tonight (that’s the first night of the Dr Who proms on Saturday 13th July).

We don’t have the scoop on who the new Doctor is (or at least, who the Albert Hall staff were told it is, which might not be the same thing), and even if we did, we don’t want to ruin the surprise for a capacity audience of mainly families at tonight’s concert in London.

The first of the special concerts will be broadcast live on BBC Radio 3, so tune in for all that Dr Who goodness. It starts Saturday 13th July 2013 at 7.30pm and is due to finish at approximately 9.45pm. If that’s a little late for you, BBC iPlayer users can catch the concert online for seven days afterwards.

STORY UPDATE 15th July 2013:

Opps. Well, sorry readers, that one didn’t happen like it was meant to, given we still don’t officially know who the next Doctor will be. It seems that the inside girl at the Albert Hall got totally the wrong end of the stick, one which we all-too firmly grasped with both hands and then yanked on. That flapping sound you can hear is our credibility beating its wings as it flaps out the window. Back to the Doctor Who book reviews for a while as our penance… Instead, we’ve heard new rumors that the reveal will be made in a one-off live television event on BBC One on Sunday 4 August 2013 at 7pm, where the show’s host Zoe Ball should unveil the 12th Doctor during an interview in front of a live studio audience. The half-hour show will likely feature live special guests, Doctors old and new, as well as companions and celebrity fans. Current Doctor Matt Smith and executive producer Steven Moffat are rumored to be appearing to give interviews about what it takes to be the Doctor.


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  1. avatar Richard says:

    I’m appalled that you both referred to the Doctor as Doctor Who and Dr Who in the same article

  2. avatar Claude Parish says:

    As long as it’s not Johnny Depp, I’ll be pleased.

  3. avatar Becpuss says:

    The Doctor not Doctor Who, jeez people you should be getting that right.

  4. avatar halarious says:

    No. Until the fourth or fifth Doctor he was always named Dr. Who in the credits.

  5. avatar guy says:

    why does everyone act pretentious towards the name. Hell number 11 loved hearing people say doctor who. He had clara say it multiple times. I love how people get up in arms over the stupidest things.

  6. avatar JannikB says:

    Hes the Doctor. Not Doctor who.

  7. avatar Ezalb says:

    It’s all a ploy – “PLEASE WELCOME THE 12th DOCTOR…” Matt Smith walks out*

    Me: YAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. avatar Richard says:

    So, are you putting this ‘exclusive’ down to genuine bad information, a source pulling a prank, or BBC’s marketing department trying to get more people listening to the Doctor Who Proms with a bait-and-switch?

  9. avatar Phil N says:

    Well it wasn’t!! More silly rumours!!

  10. avatar hartley branson says:

    can the last 7 episodes of the 12th doctor be running around with the 13th doctor that he picks up as a companion. #13 keeps saving the 12th life from inpending doom and at the end of the season #13 drops #12 at the location #13 is picked up before his regeneration.
    #13 is taking care of prifial problems that 12 would know nothing at all about and is not expecting (tripple plot). you meet the new Doctor without reallising its the 13th Doctor….melody pond/river songs gift to the Doctor is –
    8 more regenerations = 16 to 20 more episodes age 2035 yrs old.

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