Dwarves now drinking at the Green Dragon Inn. Smaug not invited.

The Hobbiton Movie Set – where The Hobbit was filmed – has just opened The Green Dragon Inn, the ribbon cut by none other than The New Zealand Prime Minister, John Key (yes, they take things that seriously).

Now tourists as well as dwarves can get some of that Shire ale down their necks. Heck, most the country pubs in the South of England look like this place, at least on the inside.

We’ve even included a handy guide to Dwarven singsongs in the form of this YouTube video from the first Hobbit flick (which we still have to see), on the off chance that you don’t know the tune to ‘The Misty Mountains’. We always choke up when we sing that ditty over here.

Aren’t you a little tall to be leader of The Shire?

Which hobbit thatched that roof, then?

Just a quiet ale or three.

Hill wraiths not welcome.