Alien: Covenant: music by Jed Kurzel (cd soundtrack review).


Please bear in mind that I’m listening to Jed Kurzel’s soundtrack to ‘Alien: Covenant’ without a clue as to how and what it is covering in the new Ridley Scott film. The sounds of the French horn of Jerry Goldsmith’s original ‘Alien’ theme comes up from time to time to establish the connection.

Track 10, ‘Med Bay’, is the longest at just over 7 minutes. The shortest is the first with ‘Incubation’. The rest are a scattering of a few minutes each. No doubt the music is gauged for the effect on the scene.

My first listen was in the middle of the afternoon but I think the effect would be stronger at night with the lights down and the volume up.

There is no proper booklet, just the usual 4 pager telling who the players were and business credits.

Listening to it a second time, the music is still very haunting and again probably deserves to be listened to late at night in the dark with a few eggs squelching opening to help keep you awake in the night. A lot of the musical starts quietly and builds up, no doubt as the danger threatens.

The match to the film will have to wait until later in the year, in the meantime, collect the CD before others get there first.

GF Willmetts

May 2017

(pub: Milan Music. 1 CD 22 tracks 59 minutes . Price: £10.66 (UK). ASIN: B06XTNQW3Q)

check out website: www.milanmusic.fr